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Final exam

The Master Degree in PLF is achieved after a final test, consisting in the discussion of a paper written by the student under the supervision of a supervisor. The paper must deal with a topic concerning one or more disciplines of the course with the aim of making use of the experience gained during the two years of the course. In addition to the elaborate, the expositive and illustration skills of the subject treated and the critical discussion of the same will be evaluated. The final exam will be carried out with the public presentation of the paper in front of a commission of teachers of the course of study, possibly integrated with representatives of private partners, who will evaluate the commitment, autonomy and innovation of the student in the course of the subject of the dissertation. The candidate must present his / her paper in a set time, highlighting the aims of the work performed, the methodologies applied and the results obtained. The paper must be written in English. In order to gain access to the final exam, the student must have passed all the exams, and possibly tests, interviews, as well as all the other educational activities required by the degree program and must have attended the prescribed internship and training periods. The last exam must have been taken at least twenty days before the graduation session.


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