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Borsa di studio pre-dottorato per i laureati in STPA

L’Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain) ha bandito nell’ambito del Santiago Grisolía Program una borsa di studio pre-dottorale per neo-laureati stranieri.
Si riporta di seguito le condizioni della call.
Per ulteriori informazioni è possibile contattare la Prof.ssa Fulvia Bovera (

Pre-doctoral contract for 3 years within the Santiago Grisolía Program of the Generalitat Valenciana Animal Feeding Group of the Institute of Animal Science and Technology.
Researcher responsible: Juan José Pascual Amorós
Period: 09/16/2019 to 09/15/2022
Investigation project: New strategies to improve genetic response, feed efficiency, reproduction and health of paternal lines.
The conditions of the candidates according to the call:
1. Possess a university degree in your country, by a non-Spanish institution, in the scientific field that corresponds to the research project that will be linked your contract, and have completed those studies after January 1, 2015.
2. To meet the academic requirements necessary for admission to a doctoral program at the time of their selection, and to be admitted to a doctoral program at the time of their recruitment.
3. Possess a knowledge of Spanish or English, at the conversation level, suitable for the development of the research work.
4. Not be in possession of the title of doctor.
5. Not having enjoyed a scholarship or contract of the Santiago Grisolía Program.